Water Performances of Korea, US, and France over Floating Stage!

Water performances made by French, Korean, and US teams are going to be held at floating stage within Big O. The floating stage of Expo 2012 Yeosu is an open air stage which sinks up to 20cm (about 7.9 inch) under the water and so provides fantastic space where audiences could enjoy watching performances over the water.

<Aerial View of Floating Stage>

Korean first original ballet, Shim Chung (a Korean legend whose theme is about filial piety, indigenous Korean thought) by Universal Ballet has been performed in over 10 countries around 200 times since 1986. Shim Chung, a filial daughter sells herself to a merchant ship to become their sacrifice to appease storms for her blind father’s cure in the story. Universal Ballet is planning to direct dramatic scenes where Shim Chung faces the sea.

<”Shim Chung” by Universal Ballet>

A famous French traveling troupe, Ilotopie will perform “Ocean Opera” over the ocean which has already been performed and loved in over 45 countries. They redirected the show for Expo 2012 Yeosu and are expected to make a symbolic moment of Yeosu’s night.

<”Ocean Opera” by Ilotopie>

Also, you can meet the Tony & Emmy winning performance, ‘Ocean blast fever’ during Expo 2012 Yeosu. US Mason Entertainment Group has performed this performance for over 10 years and their blast has been loved in the globe. The blockbuster show, blast, is expected to attract visitors.

<”Ocean blast fever” directed by James Mason>

Addition to these world-famous shows, you can watch a non-verbal shows composed by rhythms played with Korean traditional percussion instruments, “Beat.”

<”Beat” by Seoul Performing Arts Company>

Schedule of Water Performances

Performances Dates
Ballet Shim Chung May 27 ~ 30th
Ocean Blast Fever June 3 ~ 13th
Ocean Opera June 19~ 29th
Beat Will be held for 32 days during the Expo

Yeony and Suny are looking forward to seeing these fantastic water performances!