Building Completion Ceremony of Marine Robot Pavilion!

Finally, the Marine Robot Pavilion which is expected as one of the most popular pavilions to visitors was opened to the press and related personnel today!

A total of 73 robots including the American first humanoid robot, ‘CHARLI,’ the British robot ‘Thespian,’ French robot, ‘NAO,’ Korean tallest robot, ‘Navi,’ female warrior robot, ‘EveR’ with dozens of faces, dancing & teaching robot, ‘MERO’ which was one of TIME’s 50 best inventions of 2010, and fish robot were just exposed and attracted people.



<Fish Robot>

During the Expo, at the Marine Robot Pavilion, visitors could join some events such as ‘Meeting with robot manufactures’ and ‘Robot Lab’ will be operated to help for children and youths understand processes of designing and manufacturing robots. Also, fun attractions such as robots’ dance to K-Pop, mini soccer games where world champion robots, DARwin-OP, come out into the mini field and etc. are prepared for the upcoming Expo.

<Robot Soccer>