Yeony & Suny made Global SNS Suppoters!

Those who were selected as Global SNS Supporters had Familiarization Tour on last Fri through Sat.

Out of a total 235 applicants from 13 countires, 80 supporters were selected and invited to Fam Tour.

Yeony and Suny finally could have golbal supporters who can help them introduce Expo 2012 Yeosu as well as Korean news to the globe!

They are composed of international students and office workers who are staying in Korea and their ethnicities are various. They are from the U.S, Canada, China, Japan, Phillipines, Malaysia, India, Tanzania, Bhutan, Vietnam, and etc.

During the Fam tour, Yeony, Suny and their new friends visited the spot under final consutruction.

They showed great interest in “The Big-O” expecially!

Besides, they had chance to experience the southern province’s foods and to watch Korean Buddhist’s temple, Ssanggyesa.

They also enjoyed sightseeing!

Can you see this beautiful lane surrounded by cherryblossom?

It is expected that they could play an important role in successful Expo 2012 Yeosu!