The importance of trees and phytoplanktons

April 5th used to be a national holiday in Korea.

As you know, Korea had experienced Japanese occupation and Korean War, which had resulted in the denundation of the Korean Peninsula.

Since then, Koreans has stressed the importance of planting trees!

Needless to say, forest is extraordinarily important to humans.

Trees are offering oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide!

However, their ability to absorb carbon dioxide is limited.

That’s why Yeony and Suny are  important to the earth.

Phytoplanktons which are the matrix of Yeony and Suny have the same role as trees in lands.

           <These are phytoplanktons seen through microscope.>

The spirit of Expo 2012 Yeosu and Arbor Day (April, 5th) have something in common!

We have to preserve the roots of lives!