Monthly Archive: April, 2012

[12 days to go] Thematic Facilities 3 : Expo Digital Gallery, EDG

The lane ranging from Main Gate to Gate 3 (KTX Station) which is also the internal parts of the International Pavilion is the third Thematic Facility, Expo Digital Gallery (EDG) where visitors can… Continue reading

Newsletter April 2012

If you are fascinated by the first page of the Newsletter as I did, Please click the link below to view all the latest updates on Yeosu Expo! Feel free to leave any comments or feedback on… Continue reading

[13 days to go] Thematic Facilities 2 : Sky Tower

The 67m tall Sky Tower is indeed the tallest building in the Expo site. The exterior looking like a giant harp would catch visitors’ eyes and at the same time, its story related… Continue reading

[14 days to go] Thematic Facilities 1 : The Big-O

The Landmark of the Yeosu Expo, The Big-O   The Big-O, Expo Digital Gallery, Sky Tower, and Aquarium are the 4 Thematic Facilities of the Yeosu Expo.  At the Big-O which is located… Continue reading

[Accommondation] Accommodation Reservation Service for Foreign Visitors!

The Organizing Committee for the Yeosu Expo announced that the official web page of the Yeosu Expo would operate an additional page for foreign visitors to reserve their accommodations. Go to, and… Continue reading

Tips for Discounted Tickets of Korail Airport Railroad for Expo Visitors!

For the convenience of foreign visitors who arrive at Incheon International Airport, Korail Airport Railroad and Expo 2012 Yeosu signed for MOU. Korail Airport Railroad is the express train between Incheon International Airport and Seoul… Continue reading

Energy Park for Eco-Friendly Expo 2012 Yeosu!

On April 24th,  people gathered to celebrate the building completion of the Energy Park. At the Energy Park, visitors can see various facilities including Renewable Energy Power Plants such as solar power and… Continue reading

The world’s largest digital sea, high up in the sky!

Finally, Expo Digital Gallery(EDG) was inaugurated on April 23. During the Expo, there will be various cultural events with fabulous digital images. On the ceremony day, two digital images were demonstrated through super-sized… Continue reading

Water Performances of Korea, US, and France over Floating Stage!

Water performances made by French, Korean, and US teams are going to be held at floating stage within Big O. The floating stage of Expo 2012 Yeosu is an open air stage which… Continue reading

A special passenger boat, Beetle, will be operated from Fukuoka to Yeosu!

The test operation of Beetle was successfully done on April 17th from Fukuoka to Yeosu. Beetle is a speedboat and it takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to take Beetle. It is expected… Continue reading