The Korea’s Tallest Robot, ‘Navi’

The Korea’s tallest robot, ‘Navi’ was first opened to the public today!

Its height is 6.5m (21.3ft) and weight is almost 1ton. You can guess how tall ‘Navi’ is by the people working near ‘Navi.’


‘Navi’ is a humanoid robot which resembles human. Its role is to show us how it explorers the deep sea and extracts minerals for humans in the imaginary 2040 deep sea. ‘Navi’ has 4 sub robots to take orders such as ‘power on’ or ‘move to sector 3’ from it.

According to Byung-seok Son, the manager of the department of information system, announced that we could see the world’s first robot exhibition in which a variety of robots are being exposed with a huge theme in Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. A total of 73 robots including Navi and its subordinates are looking forward to seeing us in Yeosu!