The most beautiful music at the sea

The pipe organ of the Sky Tower which is expected to play the most beautiful music at the sea, will be first played on March 23.

파이프 오르간

The pipe organ is installed on the exterior walls of the Sky Tower. It resembles the shape of the harp. (look at the left!).

It was also recorded in the Guinness World Records on October 21, 2011 for making the loudest sound of the organ. The manufacturer of the pipe organ Hey Orgelbau is a specialized pipe organ builders from Germany. A business manager Thomas Hey said the name of the pipe organ is ‘Vox maris’ which means ‘the sound of the sea’ in Latin.


3 melodies will be played on the day of the demonstration. The titles won’t be opened until then.  Many people who have been looking forward to listen to the sound of the Vox maris, the sound of the sea will be finally satisfied on the day.

Here is the latest picture of the Sky Tower. You can see the pipe organ on the right side!

스카이타워 전경사진(1).jpg

A video clip of performance by Vox maris has just arrived. Some interviews went on in Korean with Chairman of the Organizing Committee for Yeosu Expo but as you know, “music is the common language of all mankind”, may you enjoy!