Enjoy tasty and spicy Gotkimchi: Dolsan Gotkimchi – Making Program

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Dolsan, an island south of Yeosu, has its own specialty food, Gotkimchi – which is Kimchi made of mustard leaves and stems. Thanks to the warm oceanic climate and rich soil, Yeosu grows excellent tasting “Got” which cannot be found in any other place in Korea. This is why “Gotkimchi” is the symbolic food of Yeosu. Its strong taste and unique aroma are major features of Gotkimchi. Our ancestors recorded the healthy attributes of Got in their medical books. It is now known that the folic acid in Got helps prevent anemia, strokes, and cancer.

The Yeosu Dolsangot Farm Cooperative operates a Gotkimchi-Making Program. The program starts with a short film showing the process of making Gotkimchi. After the film, you change into a uniform and move to the program site. What awaits you are salted Got, fermented fish sauce, and seasonings such as garlic, pepper, ginger, and green onion. Salted Got is mixed with the seasonings. Even though the spicy aroma stings the eyes and tickles the nose, the participants still very much enjoy the process. The finished Gotkimchi is vacuum-packed at the site for you to take home.

To make delicious Gotkimchi, be careful not to put excessive seasonings to ensure the original taste of the Got is preserved. In addition, Gotkimchi should be left to ferment before eating for a more delicious taste.

Site of the Dolsan Gotkimchi-Making Program

Got is mustard leaves. There are red Got and green Got. The former is used as fillings for Baechugimchi (Chinese Cabbage Kimchi), and the latter is used as the main ingredient of Gotkimchi. Got was first introduced in Dolsan by the Japanese. Since the weather conditions in Dolsan are perfect for growing Got, this area produces the best Got. Got is a very healthy vegetable high in protein, vitamin A and C, calcium, and iron. The program site is located on Route 17 before Bangjukpo Beach.


User’s Guide

  • Address: Jeollanam-do Yeosu-si Dolsan-eup Jukpo-ri 471-1
  • Phone number: 061-644-0636 (010–)
  • Website: http://ysdolsangat.co.kr
  • Hours of operation: 09:00 – 18:00
  • Parking fees: Free
  • Guided tour: Available at all times
  • Program fee: 13,000 won per person for making 3 kg of Kimchi
  • Capacity: 10 persons per program
  • Photogenic spots: Gotkimchi arranged decoratively on a plate


source: eng.expo2012.kr