[Yeosu] Are the Beaches of Yeosu so Beautiful?

The article was created by 11th and 12th graders at High School in Yeosu with an aim to tell our dear friends at home and abroad about EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA. 

Written by the group of ‘ILOVEYEOSU’ : Choe Hyeju, Kim Jiyun, Seo Uijin, Kim Dayeong, Oh Jiseong. Guidance teacher : Park Yongseong

“Are the beaches of Yeosu so beautiful?”

“Sure. Golden and silvery sand spread on the beaches.”

picture is an emblem of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. It looks like a ball that is used when we play in beach. However, the symbol means very profound.

What is that picture? It looks like a ball, but it is not just a ball. It is a symbol of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. Each color has it’s meaning. Do you hear that?

Red symbolizes the life living in the sea and land. Green means environment that we come along with other living. And blue has a meaning of sea that will be main title of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. Lastly, white wave pattern in emblem symbolizes water running through Yeosu coast. By the way, do you know why the emblem is circular shape? The earth is so round that we can be harmony with life, environment and sea.

Photo by Choe Hyeju

This is a map of beaches in Yeosu. There are so many beaches, even though we selected beaches close to Expo site.

Now, we will introduce you to the beautiful beaches which are bound to be a part of the emblem. In Yeosu, there are ten beaches or more, but we took into consideration to select six beautiful and cozy places to visit easily. The point in this map are beaches that we will introduce.

“Shall we go to Mosageum beach which is warm and comfortable as the bosom of mother?”

Photo by Seo Uijin

This is Mosageum beach, which is the most comfortable and tidiest place we’ve ever been to.

First, where we’ll face is Mosageum beach in Ocheon-dong in Yeosu. Although Mosageum beach is not as big as others, there are fine golden sands and refined gravels. Above all, it can be the most suitable place for lovers’ date because of a prominent sight of the sunrising and really beautiful scenery.

It seems to be in the middle of island because it is surrounded with the villages gathered in small beach, the rocks of seashore running around both sides, and breakwater. Why don’t you drop in and take a stroll on the beach when you are somewhat exhausted? So, it has a classical touch to the fishing village.

“Let’s go Bangjukpo beach to enjoy swimming in the sea and walking through the wood.”

Photo by Kim Dayeong

The picture is Bangjukpo beach. Big pine trees make Bangjukpo more beautiful.

Bangjukpo beach is located in small and concave pot in the east coast of Dolsan island, which makes you feel cozy. There are always gentle waves and a sandy beach good for walking around barefoot. Bangjukpo is a great place for a family outing with children because the sea doesn’t have heavy water but is shallow to swim in.

In addition, pine trees on the beach living more than 100 year make a dense forest and surround the beach. Bangjukpo can be enjoyed not only swimming but also walking through the wood. It is also worth visiting near Maritime& fisheries Science Museum.

“Do you want to enjoy with swimming and fishing? Come to Sindeok beach!”

Photo by Choe Hyeju

People enjoy fishing on the waterside rock. You can enjoy both swimming and fishing.

Sindeok beach is located in Sindeok-dong, The drive course to Sindeok beach makes us happy. Because drive course is very nice. In addition, Thanks to the Sindeok beach’s soft sand and gentle waves, even young children and seniors can come to see the beach with comfort and convenience.

There is one thing to attract people better than anything else. This is the best place to fish for those who would like to do something besides swimming. Especially you can enjoy fishing on the rock, with a gentle breeze over the huge waterside rock. If you feel inclined to fish, Sindeok beach is good for you. Because you can enjoy fishing. During the fishing, you can feel your whole body thrilled differently in taste and you can be soak in fishing rod’s hand taste. And, try drinking Korean traditional drink(Soju) with fish you catch. It couldn’t be better eating with relish raw fish and Korean traditional drinks.

Do you feel stiff in the shoulders? Then come to Manseongni beach to recover from your fatigue!”

Photo by Choe Hyeju

Manseongni beach is famous for black sand beach. It serves a double purpose of sea bathing and recovery from exhausted.

Have you ever heard ‘Black sand beach’? This is Manseongni beach in Manheung-dong, Yeosu. You can see black sand, blue sea and lined parasol, which feel me exotic. Especially, to take a black sand bath rare in the nation wide, which could take miraculous effect on women’s disease and neuritis. It helps to improve the circulation of blood and discharge our body’s waste.

According to the legend, in every April 20, black sand will take effect work on patients. So, many people come to Manseongni beach to take a sand bath. On the beach, you can see Odongdo island and the southern sea. So, take pleasure in looking at beautiful spectacles and enjoy sand bath. By the way, Manseongni beach is well known for delicious blue crap soup, try eat!

“Ungcheon beach is a capital spot for a family picnic.”

Photo by Oh Jiseong

Would you see the people resting in an artificial beach? There is camping site near the beach, it may be hard for you to pass through because of a smell of roasted meat.

Ungcheon beach is artificial in Ungcheon-dong, Yeosu. They made broad sand and browny decks and set up cabin shaped tent on the beach along with a camp site. Environmentalists argued that this beach has ecological problems. As it has already been made, though, it should be well preserved, too.

Above all, Ungcheon artificial beach has camping ground. There are about 40 decks and tents or more, well equipped with convenient facilities. So it is best place to stay one day. Yeulmaru, Culture-Art Complex, is being made nearby the beach. Drop by here for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. It is nice in the day and will be better at night.

“Why do we naturally associate Yeosu Expo whenever we go to Musulmok beach?”

Photo by Kim Jiyun

Here is Musulmok beach. what a surprise that how beautiful daffodil coming into bloom is among their pebbles.

Crossing the Dolsan bridge, you can get Musulmok beach behind the Jeollanamdo maritime museum, it takes 10 minutes. Musulmok lies between Gamakman and Gwangyangman bay. Seen far away, they look linked with each other. It is well known for an old battlefield general Yi Sunsin used to win at Iimjinwaeran(Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592), using this geographical advantage.

Even though beach always reminds me of a lot of sand, there are many of tiny and round pebbles here and there. So, it is so called ‘Mongdol’ beach. However the better like that, you can see pink daffodil among pebbles. When you visit here at June, you can feel the power of wonderful life in beautiful daffodil. It is nothing but us who think of ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’ subject of Expo?

“Would you dream to save the ocean?”

Photo by Yeo Dongchan

took into deep consideration of the ocean, looking around the beach and thinking of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea as we had an interview with professor Park Ilheum.

Actually, we think Expo’s theme, ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’ is far from us. Struggling with this problem, we realized why Yeosu Expo should be succeeded. We know this fact as we met professor Park Ilheum.

 Professor Park said. “Carbon energy is gained from getting something burn, which makes the global warming. Decreasing to discharge carbon gas is worldwide problem, so we should find alternative energy. This solution is in the ocean to make green energy using wave and tide.”


Photo by Jeong Jonghyeon 

We are dreaming of how I fly to the sky, thinking over ‘The Living Ocean’ in the artificial beach. Would you come to cheer us?

At first, Professor’s words have not appealed to us for one year, I came to learn and feel much more roaming around here and there. The problem is that we should revive this beautiful ocean and let them enjoy sea bathing after 1000 years, no less than 2000 years.

Yeosu also have environmental problem. But solving this problem, our dream is to make Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea succeed and revive the earth. We want to fly to the dream up in the air, really!

source: korea.kr