Korean Women’s International Conference held in Yeosu

Hello! This is Yeony. I would like to share some great news about Yeosu Expo with you. Korean women active in a number of fields in 30 nations worldwide will gather in Yeosu.  

The Korea Women’s International Network (KOWIN), with 600 Korean women participating globally, will gather in Yeosu from August 28th to 31st.

KOWIN was established in 2001 along with the Ministry of Gender Equality to strengthen solidarity and enhance communication among Korean women internationally, with an annual conference now running. The conference will have its 12th anniversary this year, and has been held in larger Korean cities in previous years, including Seoul, Incheon, Busan, and Ulsan. Jeollanam do will the first district to hold the conference.

Eminent Korean women from various walks of life will gather at the Jeonnam Conference, with a theme focused on strengthening the capabilities of Korean women with thematic discussions, networking events, and cultural tours of the district.

Jeollanam-do hopes that the conference will afford the opportunity to promote its other international events like the 2012 Yeosu Expo, the International Agriculture Expo, and the 2013 Suncheon Garden Expo.

A preview of the conference can be had by looking at the conference in Ulsan last year.

Ulsan bills itself an ecological city with its Taehwa River, called the river of life. Reflecting this, the conference there took on the theme of ‘Green Korea’. It marked a great experience for Korean women leaders, coming from 32 nations to Ulsan for the purpose of communication and sharing friendship. Ulsan Mayor Park Mang Woo, said ‘Korea has only become a strong country thanks to the efforts of women, who stood firmly in overcoming language barriers and poverty.’ Many ideas were exchanged through theme lectures and discussions on women led green businesses.

Attention this year is on the Korea Women’s International Conference to be held in Yeosu. Jeollanam-do director of health and welfare Bae Yang Jasaid “This is a golden opportunity to make Yeosu and its Expo better known around the world” and “We will do our best to prepare this event a true communications venue for the wisdom of Korean women around the world.” I will pay further attention to Yeosu expo city as well!