[Chunhyang] Love story of Chunhyang and Yidoryeong

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Chunhyang Theme Park takes inspiration from a classic Korean love story, “Chunhyangjeon.”

The park is divided into five zones: “Meeting,” “Promise,” “Love and Parting,” “Hardship,” and “Festival.”

Film set in Chunhyang Theme Park

The first zone, “Meeting,” is the greeting place for visitors. There is an information center as well as a souvenir shop, a cultural experience center and an illuminated fountain.

The “Promise” zone is where visitors make promises they hope to keep for their loved ones. A ring-shaped sculpture, a stone pagoda and a promise plaque are located here. There is also a time-capsule promise plaque. Once you write your promise on the plaque, you may open it on the day of the Chunhyang Festival.

The third zone, “Love and Parting,” is an actual film set. The movie “Chunhyangdyeon,” directed by Lim Gwontaek, was filmed here. Visitors can see Buyongdang where Yi Mongnyong and Seong Chunhyang spent their first night together and the house of Chunhyang’s mother on the set.

The forth zone is “Hardship.” Dongheon Government Office, an important place in the “Chunhyangjeon” story is located in the Hardship Zone. Miniatures of major scenes of “Chunhyangjeon” are displayed here as well.

The fifth zone, “Festival,” is a resting place for group visitors. A calligraphy experience program is offered. You can also enjoy a great view of Namwon from a pavilion on top of the hill. This park, inspired by classic Korean literature, is a perfect spot for lovers.

User’s Guide

  • Address: Jeollabuk-do Namwon-si Eohyeon-dong 37-158
  • Telephone: 063-620-6108 (010–)
  • Website: http://www.namwontheme.or.kr/namwontheme
  • Opening hours: 09:00 – 22:00
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Parking fee: Free
  • Guided tour: Please call for more information (063-620-6836).
  • Photogenic spot: View of the park and downtown Namwon as seen from Dansimjeong

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