Korea Tourist Organization Foreign Branch Manager Conference, held at Yeosu

Hello, this is Yeony. I’d like to tell you some news about Yeosu, the city busy preparing the 2012 Yeosu Expo to welcome guests. Twenty-nine foreign branch managers of the Korea Tourist Organization recently visited Yeosu.

Approximately 50 people including the Korea Tourist Organization foreign branch managers visited the Yeosu Expo Promotion Center and held a conference to attract foreign tourists. The Korea Tourist Organization Foreign Branch Manager Conference is a meeting to discuss the direction of Korea Tourist Organization business for the year. The visiting group discussed relevant matters from the perspective of foreign visitors such as accommodations, transportation, and tourist facilities to develop tourist offerings linked to Yeosu Expo at the Promotion Center. The visiting group also viewed an exhibition promotion movie and information concerning the exhibition facilities.

Yeosu Expo Organizing Committee chairman Kang Dong Seok stated that he hoped this year’s Korea Tourist Organization goal of attracting 10 million foreign tourists and promoting south coast tourism might be attained by using 2012 Yeosu Expo as a positive opportunity.

The visiting group will stay in Yeosu for two days. They will also visit Odongdo in Yeosu. Odongdo is named for its resemblance to a paulownia tree leaf and because it used to have a large number of paulownia trees. Approximately 193 rare trees form a rich forest including Odongdo’s specialty camellia tree. The island is also known as Camellia Island or the flower island of the sea.

The visiting group will tour Suncheonman, located between the Yeosu and Goheung peninsulas on the south coast. Suncheonman has developed tidelands following a complicated coastline. The salt industry is active here, along with fisheries for croaker, anchovy, cutlassfish, eel, and octopus, and large quantities of laver and cockles are harvested here.

I would love to join the group to gain hands-on experience of the tourism conditions by visiting the main tourist sites, restaurants, and accommodations.

Tokyo branch manager Kim Youngho, stated that the Yeosu conference was held to give impetus to attracting foreign visitors via Yeosu Expo, Korea’s largest international event this year. He also stated that they are planning to actively promote activities to attract foreign tourists in connection with Yeosu Expo henceforth.

The Yeosu Expo Organizing Committee is planning to actively promote marketing activities to attract foreign tourists by inviting foreign media and people in the travel industry, and by circulating major world cities before the Expo opening. I will continue to offer news on the 2012 Yeosu Expo, so please stay tuned!