A Little Exhibition on the Ocean

Hello, this is Yeony. Yeosu Expo will have a digital gallery with Children’s Paintings planned for exhibit when Yeosu Expo opens in May. A joint painting event for children in Korea, China, and Japan was held on with the theme ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’ beginning on September 4th, 2011, and a joint evaluation of the entries was made at KBS 88 Gymnasium on January 15th. The panel included 5 judges each from Korea, China, and Japan, with the Chinese and Japanese judges visiting Korea exclusively for the evaluation.

A joint painting event was held for children aged 4 to 13 in Korea, China, and Japan, garnering significant interest by reaching about 50,000 submissions from China and 15,000 from Japan.

2012 paintings were selected in the first round of screening carried out in each individual nation, and approximately 480 paintings were selected for the final evaluation. The selected paintings will be divided once more into nations with each having categories comprising kindergarten, lower elementary school grades, higher elementary school grades, and middle school students with one painting to be selected for a grand prize and one for first prize.

The child in each nation winning the grand prize will be invited to Yeosu Expo along with one guardian. The awards ceremony will be held on August 5th at Yeosu Expo, and the 2012 paintings selected as entries will be compiled into a video to be shown at Expo digital gallery, the high-tech marine culture pavilion. I hope to get a look at all these wonderful paintings soon! Yeosu Expo, runs from May 12th to August 12th in Yeosu’s Sinhang district, and will showcase the ‘Sky Tower,’ the loudest pipe organ in the world, with 90 performances daily (8,000 performances for the whole Expo).

I hope you’re all as excited about these events as I am!