Yeosu Transportation Information Via Smartphone

Hello, this is Yeony. Everyone uses a smartphone these days. I use a smartphone and love way it’s made my life easier. I’d like to tell you about a great way to find out more about Yeosu Expo on your smartphone.

The new Expo smartphone application lets you see Yeosu’s traffic at just one glance.

The city of Yeosu began a mobile application service on January 20th, after recently completing its intelligent transportation system (ITS). The service started on the Lunar New Year, when many people returned to visit their hometown of Yeosu and many tourists had the time to sightsee as well..

You can download the application by searching ‘Yeosu Transportation Information’ on the website at http://its.yeosu.go.krto view the traffic situation on the main roads via CCTV, and search current bus locations. Residents can check bus departure and arrival times for specific bus stops before actually going to the stop, for better planning and convenience.

The city plans to put up black and white checkered QR codes at every bus stop for even easier one click checking.

I hope your visit to Yeosu is even more friendly and convenient with your smartphone!