An Ocean Trip in a Submarine

Hello, this is Yeony. I would like to share with you the exciting news about the final stage of Marine Life Pavilion construction at Yeosu Expo. The Marine Life Pavilion is one of the core exhibition pavilions showcasing the ‘Living Ocean and Coast’ theme, and is now 80% complete.

The Marine Life Pavilion is one of Korea’s four exhibition pavilions and will be built inside Korea’s largest aquarium. The particulars of the exhibition will be determined under the advice and approval of marine life specialists as well as exhibition specialists, with the pavilion comprising mudflat and ocean ecosystems.

Let us first examine the mudflat ecosystem.

The mudflat ecosystem is 25m wide and 4m high, recreating the diverse features of mudflats including salt marshes, mud flats, mixed flats, sand flats, eelgrass beds, and seashore rocks. The pavilion has an impressive natural presentation mudflat features created via replicas and high-tech digital images.

Next we examine the ocean ecosystem.

Explore the world’s most beautiful and famous marine sites with the largest diversity of species in a ‘4D’ submarine ride. The luminescent ocean creatures such as the ghost fish (Architeuthis japonica) can be seen along with such features of the deep ocean environment as the Mariana Trench smokers found 6,000m below sea level, the deepest in the world. Unique Galapagos island fish will be on display, and the South Pole ecosystem, the mysterious Coral Triangle ecosystem, and the soft coral beds of Jeju-do’s Munseom are also to be seen here.

Along with the wonderful ocean zones, the world’s first offshore exhibition pavilion, the ‘Theme Pavilion’ can be found. There are numerous experience centers, 21 exhibition pavilions including the International Pavilion, with 106 participating nations, and the largest aquarium in Korea.

I everyone is excited about Yeosu Expo and its many exciting attractions!