The Beauty of Korean Food: the recipe for Gimbap

Gimbap (Rice Rolled in Laver)

Gimbap (Rice Rolled in Laver)

Gimbap is cooked white rice seasoned with sesame oil and salt, then rolled with other ingredients in a sheet of laver. Gimbap has been popular since the 1960s. It is good to pack for a picnic as lunch or a snack, because it is convenient to eat and contains many different ingredients and flavors.

Ingredient & Amount

360g (2 cups) non-glutinous rice, 500g (2½ cups) water  
seasoning for rice : 3g (¾  tsp) salt, 13g (1 tbsp) sesame oil
50g (¼ piece) carrot, 1g (¼ tsp) salt
80g (½ piece) cucumber, 1g (¼ tsp) salt
70g pickled radish
100g burdock roots
, 13g (1 tbsp) edible oil  
diluted vinegar : 17g (1 tbsp) vinegar ,200g (1 cup) water
seasoning sauce ① : 27g (1½ tbsp) soy sauce, 15g (1 tbsp) water, 6g (½ tbsp) sugar, 5g (1 tsp) refined rice wine
80g minced beef
seasoning sauce ② : 12g (2 tsp) soy sauce, 2g (½  tsp) sugar, 2.3g (½ tsp)
chopped green onion, 1.4g (¼  tsp) minced garlic, 2g (1 tsp) sesame salt, 2g (½  tsp) sesame oil, 0.1g ground black pepper
120g (2 ea)egg, 1g (¼ tsp) salt
6g (4 sheets) dried laver
26g (2 tbsp) edible oil

Ingredient Preparation

1. Wash the rice and soak in water for 30 min. drain water on a strainer for 10 min. (440g).
2. Clean the carrot and skin (40g). Clean the cucumber by rubbing and cut it into 20cm-long, 0.7cm-wide/thick. Take seeds area out (60g), sprinkle salt and allow it to be marinated for 5 min. wipe excess water with cotton cloths.
3. Slice the pickled radish into 20cm-long, 0.7cm-wide and thick.  
4. Skin off burdock roots (86g), cut into 20cm-long, 0.7 cm-wide and thick, and soak in diluted vinegar for 2 min.【Photo 2】
5. Clean blood of minced beef with cotton cloths and season with seasoning sauce② (70g).
6. Beat egg and salt.


1. Put the rice and water in the pot and boil it on high heat for 4 min. After additional boiling for 4 min.  reduce the heat to medium and boil for 3 more min. When the rice become sodden, reduce the heat to low and steam for 10 min. (730g). Season with salt and sesame oil.【Photo 3】
2. Preheat the frying pan and oil, stir-fry the carrot and cucumber on high heat for 30 sec. respectively.【Photo 4】
3. Preheat the frying pan and oil, stir-fry the burdock roots on medium heat for 3 min. add seasoning sauce ①, stir-fry them on low heat for 10 min.【Photo 5】
4. Preheat the frying pan and oil, stir-fry the beef for 2 min. on medium heat.
5. Preheat the frying pan and oil, fry beaten egg on low heat for 3 min. for front side and 2min. for back side, to be 1cm-thick, cut it into 20cm-long and 1cm-wide.
6. Toast the laver on low heat. Upon the laver, layer steamed rice (150g) evenly and placed the carrot, cucumber, pickled radish, burdock roots, beef and fried egg in the middle. Roll up the laver to create a log with a 3~4cm diameter. Slice it at intervals of 1.5cm-wide.【Photo 6】