Groundbreaking for the China Pavilion at Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

Hello, this is Yeony. Some good news about the Yeosu Expo is that construction of the Chinese exhibition hall has begun at the International Pavilion. The groundbreaking was held with the participation of Chinese representative Zao Zenge, and Korean Yeosu Expo representative Lee Junhea.

The China Pavilion is located at No. 105 in block D and is 1241㎡ is area. It will showcase sustainable ocean development methods following the exhibition theme ‘One Ocean, One Home.’ In particular, the exhibition will focus on three core areas: ocean development and protection, marine science and technology, and marine culture. China will begin construction for its exhibition presentation with a groundbreaking. Construction of the interior and exhibit installation is planned for the end of April, with subsequent test operations, and official opening on May 12th.

Mr. Zao Zenge said that “The focus of the exhibition presentation is to showcase China’s continuous efforts towards sustainable development” and “the China Pavilion will be one of the most popular pavilions at the Yeosu Expo.”

The International Pavilion is a competing marine culture and technology venue for nations around the world, comprising four building blocks designed in a form called the Dado Ocean.  Each block is named for the oceans, including the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans, with participating nations assigned to the block named after the ocean nearest their country.

Yeosu Expo is the second exposition to be held in Korea, after the 1993 Daejon Expo, and is dedicated to the theme of ‘theocean,’ via its world’s first offshore exhibition Theme Pavilion,its 21 exhibition pavilions including the International Pavilion, with 106 participating nations , as well as Korea’s largest aquarium, and an energy park.

It is still January. I look forward to delivering more exciting news about Yeosu Expo in May!