Visiting the construction site of Yeosu Expo

Written by Kong, Naeyoung (Yeony-Suny Reporter)

The day of returning to Seoul! We had the opportunity to look around the construction site of Yeosu Expo after obtaining approval from the Organizing Committee!!! We took pictures with Yeony and Suny inside the Organizing Committee building.

Safety helmets are mandatory when looking around eh construction site. We all look puzzled in the light-purple safety helmet~

We took a shot with Mr. Cho, Yonghwan who is the PR chief. We thank the Organizing Committee for taking care of our safety!

We went out to look around the construction site. Before getting out of the car, the deputy head, who came to Yeosu often, gave a simple briefing.

Now! Shall we look around the main buildings of Yeosu Expo? The building here is called Big-O.

The Big-O is the representative symbol of the Expo and a venue to experience the theme of the Expo which is prepared offshore. Moreover, it is a stage to perform events, cultural festivals, and shows.

The Big-O is divided into the Echo Zone, Culture Zone, and Water Zone! It will be composed of future-oriented corners where the audience can personally experience the theme of the Expo, which his ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’~ The main events of the Expo, ocean performances, cultural events, and new media shows are planned to be held at this place.

Next is the Sky Tower.

Can you see the part in orange? That part will be recreated into the shape of a harp.

The Sky Tower is one of the best buildings of Yeosu Expo, which has cultural spaces as well as artistic symbols made by recycling a cement storage tower in the height of 55 meters. The highest floor is made into an observatory where you can view the scenery of the exhibition center, Yeosu downtown, Odongdo, and the ocean. The exterior is made in an artistic sculpture in the form of a harp which projected the ocean waves, which will play various music by constructing an instrument using the methods of making a pipe organ.

I will now finish my postings on the trip to Yeosu for two days.