[Yeosu] Taking the ferry at Odongdo

Written by Kong, Naeyoung (Yeony-Suny Reporter)

I posted about taking Dongbaek Train to Odongdo~ We had to go to Odongdo again the next day. The same route as yesterday would have been great! However, we took the opportunity to take a ferry this time~ You can take the ferry near the Dongbaek Train platform.

I could see the ferry from far away after waiting for about 10 minutes. I went inside due to the cold wind, but came out again to feel the ocean breeze. We regretted for not preparing Saewuggang (shrimp cracker) after seeing the seagulls gathering. You should prepare those crackers! Luckily, we heard that the shop inside the ferry sold Saewuggang and purchased it spending a big sum of KRW2000.

We all look as if we returned to childhood with Saewuggang~

It was interesting to see the seagulls coming and taking only the cracker from our hands.

Flags promoting Yeosu Expo could be seen in the ferry as well.  I felt that all people and all things in Yeosu were expecting a successful hosting of Yeosu Expo.

I could see Odongdo in the ferry.

A calm atmosphere could be felt probably because the time was nearing sunset.

I could see Odongdo we visited yesterday!

I could see the lighthouse 😀 We arrived at Odongdo after about 1 hour. While waiting for Dongbaek Train to go back, we discovered a media board. They actually had a function of sending an email by taking a UCC~ To make a memorable trip, we shooted a short UCC having strong impact.

Try the media board if you want to have some fun while waiting Dongbaek Train!

While playing a game on our way back, we sent the losers to the compartment without fabric.

The ferry I took at Yeosu will become a memorable experience to me, since it was the first ferry experience outside of the one I took a Yeoeuido. How about taking some Saewuggang and take the ferry?