The World’s First Expo

Hello, My name is Yeony. The World Expo which will be held in Yeosu in 2012, is one of three large-scale world events together with the Olympic games and the soccer World Cup. The Expo exhibits the achievements and future prospects of humanity through a unified theme in one locale. It can be thought of as an Olympics of economics and culture.

Let me tell you a little bit about the history of the world’s first expo. Expo first started as an industrial exhibition to encourage technological advancement in France. At the end of the 18th century, the tradition spread to other countries, and as a result, the first real World Expo was held in 1851 in the United Kingdom and known as ‘The Crystal Palace Expo.’

‘The Crystal Palace Expo’ was held in 1851 at peak of Queen Victoria’s reign. Her husband Albert was interested in scientific issues, and concentrated on organizing an international trade exposition, which was to become a symbol of the Victoria era. The Crystal Palace was a glass building in built on Hyde Park for the Expo, and considered a marvel of architecture. This First Expo marked the birth of the UK as the ‘factory of the world.’ The exhibited products occupied over half of the Expo space representing various new materials and the latest machines. UK industry was made famous for its locomotives, marine engines, hydraulic printing machines, power looms, and machine tools. Other nations were also starting their industrial revolutions at that time, but only the UK was significantly advanced. Profits earned from the Expo were invested in building a complex to foster manufacturing in Kensington.

Expos have been conveyors of creative scientific technology by consistently presenting new scientific advances for the betterment of humanity. After the steam engine and engine locomotive were first presented at the London Expo, the diesel and electric locomotives appeared, and subsequently, subways and express trains. Expos are astounding world events that significantly impact our lives.