Pink Dolphin, One of the Five Rare Animals in the World

Hello, my name is Suny. The theme of the 2012 Yeosu Expo is ‘The Living Ocean and Coast,’ and I would like to introduce you to a beautiful creature found in our oceans.

This is the pink dolphin, one of the five rare animals in the world.

This cute and lovely animal is the pink dolphin.

The dolphin is also called the Amazon River Dolphin, because it lives in the river valleys of the Amazon and Orinoco in South America.

Pink dolphins usually feed on fish and crabs.

This lovely pink dolphin is one of the five rarest animals in the world but faces the threat of extinction, worryingly listed as an endangered species. The pink dolphin was chosen as one of the five rarest animals is not because of its unique color however. Rather, it is because pink dolphins are not often seen by people. This dolphin is a mysterious animal whose full habitat and the reason for its pink coloration are unknown. It is also a mystery to zoologists where the pink dolphins of the Amazon disappear during the dry season.

The dolphin was a sacred animal to the Amazon natives. Legend has it that dolphins transforms into men to lure women and impregnate them at night. The natives believed that bad luck followed the killing of a dolphin. However, poaching of Amazon dolphins has reached dangerous levels. Although poaching dolphins in the Amazon River is illegal, hunting is easily done, and dolphin trading earns twice the minimum average wage in Brazil.

It is a very sad and ugly reality that this beautiful and unique dolphin is killed just to be used for fish bait. I hope we begin to treat all ocean life as valuable, and recognize the ocean as a realm where so many living things coexist interdependently.