[Yeosu] Viewing the sunrise from Hyangilam

Written by Kong, Naeyoung (Yeony-Suny Reporter)

The alarm clock began ringing from somewhere. Should I wake up? Sleep more? After debating, I decided to wake up. I went outside after wearing some clothes, and saw that the team members who promised to see the sunrise were already waiting outside.

Then, shall we take off to see the sunrise! We moved to Hyangilam to see the sunrise. Hyangilam was located near our hotel.

People say that you should go to ‘Yeojaman’ to see the sunset and to ‘Hyangilam’ to see the sunrise.

Hyangilam is a temple name having the meaning of ‘gazing at the sun.’ But when looking more closely, Hyangilam is a temple holding the sun instead of gazing at the sun. We had to climb the stairs or hill to go to Hyangilam~

We chose to go up the hill. I was too busy to take a lot of pictures on my way up 😥

We finally arrived at the peak to see the sunrise. We arrived at about 7:30 and saw that many people were already there!

While waiting for the sunrise, a person next to me suddenly threw a coin to the ground. I watched closely out of curiosity and saw the Jwaseondae where the great monk Wonhyo trained his mind.

Where is this place?

There is a story that if you throw the coin on the Jwaseondae, your wishes will come true. I tried to aim my coin to the Jwaseondae … but.. it just rolled over on the ground 😥

The sun didn’t rise until 7:45 so I thought I should just go down after waiting about 5 minutes. Then, people suddenly started to shout, and I could see the clear and beautiful sun coming up far away.

While seeing this view.. I felt… well… overwhelmed!

The sun is rising!!!!!

Although this day was not New Years Day, I determined to set a goal from now on after seeing the sunrise. We came down in good condition after seeing the sunrise. We also saw the camellia tree on our way down! Isn’t the color really beautiful?

Whenever seeing the sunrise, I feel that it is important to remember the feeling at the time.