[Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea] 4. Odongdo is a must-see at Yeosu!

Written by Kong, Naeyoung (Yeony-Suny Reporter)



Ladies and Gentlemen! Have you heard of Odongdo?

Odongdo is a popular date course for lovers due to the trail located between rich trees and allowing an ocean view. I guess that is why Odongdo is called the lovers’ island or an island of love.

The view from Odongdo shows the site of Yeosu Expo in one view which is another reason for its popularity. You can arrive at the Dongbaek Train platform after walking 5 minutes from Yeosu Expo Promotion Center.  

The ticket price is only KRW500! (a one-way ticket price). I felt like going back to childhood by riding this train, just like riding an elephant train.

Dongbaek Train came in soon after we purchased the ticket. You can also go to Odongdo by walking only 10 minutes even when not using Dongbaek Train. However, it was way too cold for us to walk this day 😦

Doesn’t this ticket feel analogue?

Dongbaek Train came in after waiting for 5 minutes >_<  

We moved to the front compartment to avoid the cold wind. Luckily, we were able to find seats in the front compartment, the compartment having a closed ceiling. Those who wish to avoid the cold should take the front compartment.

Dongbaek Train can take quite a lot of people at one time because of its length. Eight people can easily fit in one compartment.  

This is Odongdo viewed from Dongbaek Train. Isn’t it fantastic? The color of the blue ocean seemed so amazing at this moment♥

We arrived at Odongdo after taking the train for about 5 minutes. I was amazed at the fact that the transportation time was so short, however, was able to assume that the short length was the reason for the cheap ticket price.

 The one word I exclaimed when viewing the map after arriving at Odongdo was “Wow, Odongdo is huge!!!”

We had to take a quick look at Odongdo in a short time because we did not have enough time 😦 I still regret the fact that I was not able to take a lot of pictures of the beautiful scenery of Odongdo.  

I felt all my worries and sorrows disappearing by viewing the blue ocean. The terms ‘clear and clean’ fit perfectly in this situation!

The picture took by a digital camera and iPhone gives different feelings +_+  

I wanted to stay for a longer period and felt sorry that I had to come back only after a two day trip.

Odongdo is a place with love. How about leaving to Odongdo with the people you love?  

A place with relaxation and romance! I strongly recommend a trip to Yeosu♥ 

After leaving Odongdo, we left to ‘Yeojaman’ to watch the beautiful sunset and to meet the people who took the airplane to Yeosu.

The sunrise and sunset at Yeosu, a city with beautiful water, is a mandatory tourist course. Yeojaman is a number one tourist site to view the sunset! ‘Yeo’ means you and ‘ja’ means oneself in Yeojaman, which is a place famous for preserving the daily life of a fishery village.

However, because our taxi driver did not know Yeojaman, we had a taxi tour instead…We were locked in the taxi for about 1 hour. 😦 In the end, we have to view the sunset in the cab.

After taking a group photo with the party, we went for dinner!! Go go go>_<

The menu for today’s dinner was sashimi.

The sashimi on the table disappeared like a flash and only the empty bowls filled the table… I guess everyone was hungry. I can never forget the taste of sashimi at the end of this long journey…

The day was closed like this. And we fell asleep determined to view the sunrise on Hyangilam.

Do you think. I was able to wake up?