[Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea] 3. Yeosu Expo Promotion Center

Written by Kong, Naeyoung (Yeony-Suny Reporter)


The real Yeosu trip has started!!!!!

When I arrived at Yeosu Expo Station, the only scene in front of us was the construction field.

Because of the empty site, I almost doubted whether an Expo could be held in four months at this place 😦

However, after looking at the aerial view, I thought that I really wanted to look at the completed buildings quickly.  

Isn’t this amazing??

The buildings being constructed within the Yeosu Expo site will be continued in the next posting~!

After having a quick lunch, we moved to the Promotion Center of Yeosu Expo!

The Promotion Center was not far from Yeosu Expo station.

The building here is Yeosu Expo Promotion Center 😀

You can see Yeony and Suny here again~

I feel more close to Yeony and Suny by seeing them over and over again. 😀

The inside of the actual Promotion Center is cleanly organized, much more than the outside appearance~

The interior design and contents were well decorated by expressing the slogan ‘The Living Ocean and Coast.’

I found a place where the whole floor was blue~~~ after walking around the Promotion Center.

At the place, I felt as if standing on the ocean… with a little exaggeration 😀

The place actually looked as expressing the floor plan of Yeosu Expo.

And one more thing!

IU, who is Korea’s sweetheart, sang the theme song of 2012 Yeosu Expo.

The reason is!  IU is the honorary ambassador of Yeosu Expo.

Don’t you want to listen to the ‘Memories of the Sea’ by IU? 

In addition, a place where you can view miniatures of Yeosu Expo is prepared inside the Promotion Center~

You can imagine the real Yeosu Expo to be held in 3 months through the detailed expressions of the background and buildings.

On the first floor, the congratulating messages from all over the world for Yeosu Expo were exhibited.

It was amazing to see the messages which looked fresh and new.

 I felt happy knowing that the hosting of Yeosu Expo was congratulated by all over the world.

The gift shop was selling not only products related to Yeony and Suny, but also products symbolizing Yeosu Expo.  

Although the products were not that cheap, it would be meaningful to purchase a doll of Yeony and Suny to make a delightful memory 😀

Please come visit Yeosu Expo Promotion Center!