[Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea] 2. How to go to Yeosu Expo Station by taking the KTX?

Written by Kong, Naeyoung (Yeony-Suny Reporter)


Hi guys! this is Kong, Naeyoung who is Yeony – Suny reporter. I will now start the main posting for my Yeosu trip!!

The concept of this trip was 1 night 2 days to Yeosu~

 By randomly forming a team of three, the travelers moved to Yeosu by taking the airplane/KTX/express bus.

Now you all can arrive at Yeosu in a short time through the airplane, KTX, or express bus, choosing a transportation method to your convenience^^ 

The way of selecting the transportation method was through the ladder game~~~ It was a tense and exciting moment.

My team got … KTX!  

We accepted the result with satisfaction, thinking that it is not as bad compared to a bus.

We had to move to Yongsan Station after leaving Incheon International Airport to take the KTX going to Yeosu Expo!

Because we didn’t have enough time, we had to take the train right away without having time to take one photo…

We used the airport railroad to move from Incheon International Airport to Yongsan Station!

You can go to Seoul Station by using the airport railroad from Incheon International Airport and then can go to Yongsan Station by transferring to line number 1 >.


Because the transferring length is quite long from the airport railroad to line number 1 (approximately 10 minutes) you need to make sure to get there in time. We almost missed the train 😥

The time consumed from Incheon International Airport to Yongsan Station is approximately 74 minutes. (including transferring time)

The time for our train was 10:35.

I think we arrived at Yongsan Station around 10:15 😥

Make sure that you have enough time to move from Yongsan Station to the KTX platform!!  

Through this experience, I once more realized that I should prepare with enough time to arrive at the destination.

I once more thank the latecomer who presented hamburgers for us!

After eating the hamburger deliciously … I fell asleep. 

When I opened my eyes, the train already arrived at Yeosu Expo~

We arrived at Yeosu in 3 hours and 30 minutes after taking off at Yongsan Station.  The weather at Yeosu was clean without even a cloud^^

The mascots of the Expo, Yeony and Suny were standing in front of Yeosu Expo Station.

I didn’t know at this time that I would see Yeony and Suny often.

Yeosu, a place arrived after a long journey.

I will tell you the stories of the lively Yeosu from the next posting!