Vacuums Decorated from Recycled Ocean Trash

Hello, my name is Suny. I would like to showcase some amazing products today. These are vacuums decorated with reclaimed ocean trash. They are truly amazing!

Here is what they look like. The decorations are beautiful and do not at all look like they were made from trash. It is quite astonishing. How can such beautiful designs be created from discarded waste?

This is a photo showing from the trash that people have left in the waters of Kho Phi Phi Island in Thailand.

The photo makes me feel sad.

It makes us understand the strong relationship between people and pollution in the ocean, and is a reason we should think about the environment.

The vacuum design was made by attaching plastic trash collected from all over the worlds waters in the North Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Baltic Sea. The symbolism of this decorated vacuum is significant in helping open people’s eyes to the severe problem of plastic pollution in the ocean.

Here is an illustration of how the process works. Plastic is collected from the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Weathering and salt corrosion turns them primarily green, blue, and white.

The vacuum decorated with recycled North Sea plastic is beautiful as well.

I had never thought very deeply before today about where all the waste discarded into the ocean ends up. From now on, I hope you will all spend some time thinking about our beautiful earth and ocean.