Eco-Friendly Low Carbon Beer

Hello, my name is Suny. Beer is of the most popular beverages the world over. Now eco-friendly beer is available.

Edmonds Brewery, one of the regional beers in the UK, is offering a truly eco-friendly beer.

The brewery was founded in 1872, and has recently upgraded its facilities to be a fully eco-friendly operation with the implementation of the European Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading System in 2005. The UK is thus the first to craft a carbon-neutral beer. Carbon neutral of course, refers to businesses reducing their carbon dioxide emissions to zero, or carrying out substitutions such as tree planting to counter their CO2 emissions.

Edmonds Brewery reclaims the heat produced by grain roasting via a pipe and recycles it as energy in beer production. The water vapor produced is also recycled by condensing it back into water. Other beer companies use 6 to 7L of water to make 1L of beer, while Edmonds uses just 3L. This maximizes the reduction of emitted carbon dioxide. Edmonds Beer is made from barley grown in nearby villages, further reducing the carbon emissions of barley transportation vehicles. The amount of greenhouse gases generated in producing one bottle of beer was reduced by half from 300g to 153g through this process. Since this company produces 4,500,000 bottles annually, the process reduces 700 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

The promotional effects for this eco-friendly beer were huge. During a 2.8% sales slump seen by competitors, Edmonds sales increased 6%. Companies equipped with a low carbon system can engage the market with less pressure through greenhouse gas reduction, and experience increased long-term competitiveness. Greenhouse gas reduction is seen as serious business garnering profit for the company rather than as an obligatory social responsibility. I hope that more industries will come to recognize the importance of the environment and change in response to that recognition