Hello, my name is Suny. There are many negative phenomenon affecting the oceans today. Here we will examine Alvinism a little bit.

Alvinism is a phenomenon whereby the ocean, turns from blue to grey due to the disappearance of seaweed zones disappear and the growth of coralline algae on the ocean bedrock. In Japan, Alvinism is appearing in almost all coastal waters from the south up to Hokkaido, which is directly affected by the Kuroshio and Tsushima Warm Currents. In the coastal waters of California as well, running 1500km, and the coastal waters of Eastern North America, from Maine in the US to Newfoundland in Canada, Alvinism is reported across that 2,000km span. In Korea, Alvinism is rapidly spreading from the southern coast of Jeju Island to the South and East Seas, encompassing an area of 7,400ha.

There are several problems triggered by Alvinism. First, it causes the destruction of coastal ecologies, fisheries abandonment, depletion of fisheries resources, and losses in income for those working in the industry. Moreover, the decrease in ocean species due to the disappearance of seaweed and the ecological and environmental issues arising from a weakened oceanic capacity to absorb CO2 is giving rise awareness of the urgency and importance of restoring the ocean ecology.

We are at a critical juncture where a solution to Alvinism is required. The ocean forest project is suggested as one solution towards moving from an ocean of crisis to an ocean of life. The project is designed to establish an ocean forest by artificially releasing spores and transplanting seaweed in the coastal waters exhibiting signs of Alvinism, and by maintaining the seabed by such means as cleaning the rocks. Through implementation of this project healthy young seaweed clusters naturally create an ocean forest over the course of several generations, and coupled with an increase in species diversity, benthic organisms such as turban shells are beginning to increase in population. The ocean forest project is helping change sick ocean areas into thriving, healthy ones.

Efforts to restore the polluted ocean are long term, and do not show immediate results. Nevertheless, we must make the effort to restore it through constant investment and commitment in order that humanity and the planet can survive and thrive in harmony together.