Corporate Pavilions

Corporate Pavilion

The Corporate Pavilion shows the present and future of the shipbuilding, marine, IT and green-growth industries.

Bird's-eye View

This Pavilion features diverse exhibitions that offer enjoyment and inspiration to visitors.

It is comprised of 7 Individual Company Pavilions and 1 Joint Corporate Pavilion (8 modules in total).

The confirmed participants include POSCO, Lotte, GS, Samsung, LG, SK, and Hyundai Motor. Also, Korea Shipowners’ Association and Hanwha Chemical will participate in the Joint Corporate Pavilion.

– Individual Company Pavilions –

The Individual Company Pavilions give opportunities for promotion to Korea-based global companies.

The Organizing Committee respects autonomy and creativity of those participating companies to ensure that exhibitions are educational and fun at the same time.

Exhibitions are to planned and executed through discussion with the Organizing Committee.

  • Site area: 13,720 ㎡

Location map

– Joint Corporate Pavilion –

Companies participating in the Joint Corporate Pavilion will lease the space to showcase their interpretation of the Expo theme.

  • Site area: 28,360 ㎡
  • Total floor area: 21,800 ㎡