Daily Archive: January 16, 2012

Environmental Campaigns at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival

Hello, my name is Suny. The theme for Expo 2012 in Yeosu is ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’. I have recently become more interested in the environment because this Expo gives us the… Continue reading

[South Coast] Travel to every corner of the South Coast with Admiral Yi Sun-sin: Day 3

1. Bamboo fishing weirs at Jijok Strait, A traditional fish trap that uses natural features (Jijok Fishing Village)  Jijok Fishing Village has used bamboo weirs, a traditional fishing technique, for centuries. Jijok Strait between Namhae… Continue reading

Corporate Pavilions

The Corporate Pavilion shows the present and future of the shipbuilding, marine, IT and green-growth industries. This Pavilion features diverse exhibitions that offer enjoyment and inspiration to visitors. It is comprised of 7… Continue reading