NEWSLETTER December 2011: Open Competition Begins for BIE-Cosmos Prize on ‘Sustainable Ocean’

The BIE launched an open competition for the BIE-Cosmos Prize for individuals and organizations around the world working on not-for-profit projects concerning the theme of Yeosu Expo, the diversity of marine resources and sustainable activities. Ten projects will be selected as nominees to compete for the C 20,000 grand prize. The award ceremony will be held on the BIE Day on August 11. The top 10 nominated projects will be exhibited in the Expo Hall over the duration of Yeosu Expo.

The BIE-Cosmos Prize was first awarded at Expo Zaragoza 2008 in Spain, and then at Expo Shanghai 2010. It will be awarded for the third time at Yeosu Expo. Secretary-General Vicente G. Loscertales of the BIE said, “The BIE-Cosmos Prize was established to spark interest and encourage participation in Expos and emphasize the importance of each Expo’s theme,” and added, “In particular, we expect individuals and organizations in Korea to submit their applications with great enthusiasm.” Applications for the Prize may be submitted to the BIE website ( and via email ( by February 6, 2012.