NEWSLETTER December 2011: 5 International Cruise Operators to Send Their Fleet of Cruise Liners to Yeosu

Large cruise ships from the U.S., Italy, Japan and China will anchor in the Cruise Terminal in Yeosu next year, which will mark the first time so many cruise liners ships are expected to bring in around 12,000 passengers over the duration of the Expo.

Japanese cruise ships operated by Japan Cruise Line and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) will make two voyages respectively. Italian cruise vessels operated by Costa Crociere will arrive three times during the Expo. The cruise liners operated by Royal Caribbean of the U.S. and Capital Dragon Global of China will drop anchor at Yeosu as well. The number of cruise operators to send their fleet during the Expo is expected to increase. The Organizing Committee is currently in discussion with several cruise operators to attract more cruise vessels, including more cruise liners from Royal Caribbean and one from Harmony Cruise, the first Korean cruise operator. The Organizing Committee will announce operating schedules upon the completion of the negotiation. The Organizing Committee said that it would continue its marketing and promotion activities geared toward global cruise operators.