Daily Archive: January 13, 2012

[South Coast] Travel to every corner of the South Coast with Admiral Yi Sun-sin: Day 2

1. Visit to the world’s largest steel mill, Gwangyang Stellworks Gwangyang Steelworks is Korea’s second oldest steel mill after the one in Pohang that was built in the 1970s during Korea’s industrial revolution.… Continue reading

[German Pavilion] Experiencing the Fascination of the Ocean

Visitors to the German Pavilion at Expo 2012 in South Korea are taken on a journey from the coast to the bed of the sea and shown technologies from the maritime sector.  A… Continue reading

NEWSLETTER December 2011: Open Competition Begins for BIE-Cosmos Prize on ‘Sustainable Ocean’

The BIE launched an open competition for the BIE-Cosmos Prize for individuals and organizations around the world working on not-for-profit projects concerning the theme of Yeosu Expo, the diversity of marine resources and… Continue reading

NEWSLETTER December 2011: 5 International Cruise Operators to Send Their Fleet of Cruise Liners to Yeosu

Large cruise ships from the U.S., Italy, Japan and China will anchor in the Cruise Terminal in Yeosu next year, which will mark the first time so many cruise liners ships are expected… Continue reading