“Every 10th of May is Ocean Arbor Day”

Hello this is Suny. Do you all know Ocean Arbor Day? An ‘Ocean Arbor Day,’ which is a day of planting seaweed in the ocean, was established for the first time in the world byKorea. The government passed the revised bill of the Fishery Resources Management Act, designating every May 10th as Ocean Arbor Day in order to form a seaweed forest in the ocean. Thus, Ocean Arbor Day will be implemented from 2013.

The reason the Korean government established an Arbor Day in 1946 and strived for forestation was because the forest was becoming devastated due to excess logging of reproduced resources. Because the ocean is becoming devastated due to the whitening phenomenon, concerns were being voiced that an Ocean Arbor Day should be established to plant seaweed.

If an Ocean Arbor Day is implemented, the significance of ocean devastation, which is called the whitening phenomenon, currently proceeding in the nearby oceans ofKorea, and the importance of forming an ocean forest, can once more be emphasized.

Ocean Arbor Day is a day to plant seaweed in the ocean. The ocean forest, made up of ocean plants, provides well-being products to humans as well as places for life and spawning for marine animals. Moreover, by absorbing carbon dioxide, the plants reduce greenhouse gases and provide raw materials (biomass) for the production of clean bio-energy. Citizens can participate in constructing an ocean forest through activities of planting seaweed, collecting ocean waste, and saving harmful marine animals such as starfishes on Ocean Arbor Day.

Currently, ocean forest construction is implemented by the Korea Fisheries Resources Agency, and the annual construction size is about 700~800ha, which is insufficient considering the current rate of the fast-spreading whitening phenomenon.

Therefore, using the new launching of the Korea Fisheries Resources Agency as an opportunity, the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is planning to construct and manage an ocean forest in a systematic and efficient way by setting ocean forest construction as a core business of the Agency.

Through the revision of the Act, Korea has become the first nation in the world to designate an Ocean Arbor Day. Establishing an Ocean Arbor Day has prepared an opportunity for Korea to firmly set its status as an authority leading the world’s ocean forestation movement henceforth.