Our Washing Machine which Pollutes the Ocean

Hello, this is Suny. Are you all wrapped up with warm clothes in this cold weather? I want to let you know the frightening fact that the clothes we wear are the main culprits of ocean pollution. That is because of the microscopic plastic pollution occurring when washing our clothes.

Most of the clothes we wear nowadays are composed of polyester, acrylic, rayon, and other various synthetic materials. According to research conducted by the American Chemical Society, a large quantity of microscopic plastic fibers is removed when doing laundry. These fibers make their way to the oceans around the world as pollution.

A thousand fiber micro-fragments are removed whenever doing laundry. One experiment shows that as many as 1.900 small polyester or acrylic fiber micro-fragments are removed from just one article of clothing. These micro-fragments are discharged with wastewater from the washing machine and flow into the ocean. Subsequently, fish and other marine creatures consume these harmful fiber micro-fragments. Continuing along the food chain, humans consume these harmful fiber micro-fragments as a result.

Scientists argue that research on how to prevent the micro-fragments from being discharged during the manufacturing process of washing machines needs to be conducted. Moreover, the clothes need to be manufactured so that fiber micro-fragments do not fall off.

It is easy for fiber micro-fragments to fall off or threads to become loose regardless of the clothing’s material. Thus, clothes containing polyester, acrylic, acetates, and nylon, which are synthesized materials, are harmful, having negative effects.

The method currently available is to wear clothes made of organic fabric or non-chemical materials. Wearing clothes made with natural fiber will result in less harmful effects on the environment.

Please always remember that the clothes you are wearing or the washing machine in your house can be the cause of pollution. It is important to think once more when buying clothes and to check carefully whether the detergent you are buying is eco-friendly.