[Gokseong] the city filled with green fields and wide rivers

 by Oh, Ye-Seul (Yeony-Suny Reporter)

6. Gokseong

● General Information

With a wide green fields and wide rivers, Gokseong is nature area which latest even entered into MOU with Amore Pacific, global cosmetic brand, to provide the natural raw materials. But because of the reason that Gokseong means Valley Village, the beautiful natural environment of Gokseong is not known so far on the outside. But recently, thanks to the Train Village and River Seomjin, the beauty of the town went viral;tourist visiting the region have increased in recent years.

● Tourist Attraction


    Seomjingang River Train Town

Address : Oji-ri 720-16 Ogok-myeon Gokseong-gun

TEL: +82-61-363-9900, 360-8378

In the Seomjingang River Train Town in Ogok-myeon Oji-ri, you can ride an old-fashioned steam train along the beautiful riverside of the Seomjingang River. You can also enjoy the rail bike and pedal along the railroad.

Come with your friends, lover, and family for a one-of-a-kind experience in this town surrounded by beautiful nature!

    Taean Temple

Address : Wondal-ri 20 Jukgok-myeon Gokseong-gun

TEL: +82-61-363-6669, 363-4440

Taean temple lies on Mt. Dongri which in not very deep and not sheer. Although cuckoos’ song sounds sad, it forms a contrast to the beauty of mountain.

Taeansa Iljumun is Provincial Tangible Cultural Asset No. 83. Iljumun is the first entrance to the world of Buddha. In general, it has four columns, but the columns of this gate stand in a line. This unique mode symbolizes one mind and bringing together of our scattered minds in order to tend toward the world of truth. The painting of Iljumun is very colorful but elegant and is in perfect harmony with the surrounding mountains.

    Simcheong Culture Center

Address : Songjeong-ri274 Ogok-myeon Gokseong-gun

TEL: +82-61-363-9910

The Park was constructed based on the Tale of Wonhongjang which is believed as original of Simchong Story, a famous Korean ancient story. The park has 23 totem poles of Simcheong Story’s character, Simcheong Filial Conduct Monument, and 300 flowers which appear in the Yeongi Tale of Gwanumsa including royal azalea and azalea.