[Tourism] EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA

by Oh, Ye-Seul (Yeony-Suny Reporter)

Not only EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA,

 there are so many places to go in Korea 🙂

Check the tourism information near EXPO Site!!


1. Recommended Courses

   There are many agencies that offer guided tours to Korea’s historical, cultural, and natural treasures. Most tours offer an English-speaking guide and arrange transportation and accommodation, making it easy for travelers to explore Korea.
Use the search engine below to search for tours by theme or to find out what tours are available during your stay in Korea.

More ☞ http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/GK/cms_list_3157.jsp

           * Source: Visit Korea

2. Travel Southern Coast

More ☞ http://eng.expo2012.kr

3. Theme Tour

Theme 1, From Suncheon to Gokseong along with Seomjingang River

Yeosu → Move to Suncheon → Suncheon Bay Ecological Park → Nakaneupseong Folk Village →Move to Gokseong → Seomjingang River Train Town (Rail bike) → Simcheong storytelling Village

Theme 2, Slow Tour with Nature [Suncheon, Damyang]

Yeosu → Move to Suncheon → Suncheon Bay Ecological Park → Nakaneupseong Folk Village →Move to Damyang → Juknokwon(Bamboo Garden) → Metasequoia-lined Road → Sigyeongjeong Pavilion

Theme 3, Lost in the fragrance of Cultural heritage[Jeonju]

Yeosu → Move to Mt. Jirisan (hiking) → Move to Jeonju → Jeonju Hanok Village → Gyeonggijeon Shire→ Samcheon-dong (Rice Wine Town)

Theme 4, Namdo Tour with Dr. Wangin [Boseong, Yeongam]

Yeosu →  Boseong Green Tea Plantation → Yulpo Beach and Seawater Pool → Move to Yeongam →Historical Site of Er. Wangin → Gurim Village

Theme 5, Into the Traditional Life, with the attractiveness of the four seasons [Hadong]

Yeosu → Move to Hadong → Ssanggyesa Temple → Hadong Tea Cultural Center → Hwagae Market Place → (Choichampandaek)House of Choichampan → Samseonggung Palace

Theme 6, Kill Two Birds with One Stone! Geoje with Busan!

Yeosu → Move to Geoje → Oedo-Botania → Windy Hill → Move to Busan (via Geoga Bridge) →Gwangalli Beach → Gwangan Nightscape → After 1 night, day trip of Busan