[Boseong] Take a rest with tea fragrance

 by Oh, Ye-Seul (Yeony-Suny Reporter)

1. Boseong

● General Information

Boseong is renowned for its tea fragrance. Famous for its production of tea, every May the county is covered by a sea of green. From tea paddies and Yulpo Beach, Boseong features harmony between mountains and sea. Boseong also hosts an annual tea festival.

● Tourist Attraction

① Daehandawon Tea Plantation (Boseong Green Tea Field)

Address : Bongsan-ri 1291 Boseong-eup Boseong-gun Jeollanam-do

TEL : +82-61-853-2595          Hours : 09:00 ~ 19:00          http://www.greenbs.kr

Admission Fee | Adults : 2,000won Students : 1,000won

Boseong-gun is the largest tea-growing county in Korea. It is known in many historical records as the home of tea cultivation. Approximately 40% of the nation’s tea is produced in this area. Boseong Dawon refers to the large area in Boseong-gun where tea plants are grown and tea is mass produced.

Every year in May, Boseong holds Green Tea Festival to celebrate and promote its local product. The festival, which started in 1985, hosts a variety of events, including tea leaf picking, green tea making and the Miss Tea pageant. Visitors are welcome anytime of the year to tour the tea processing site and sample the tea.

*Activity information : Green tea making, green tea food tasting

② Yulpo Beach and Seawater Pool

Address : Dongyul-ri 678 Hoecheon-myeon Boseong-gun Jeollanam-do

TEL : +82-61-850-5566   Hours : 06:00~20:00  http://boseong.go.kr/ko/culture/

Admission Fee | Adults and Youth : 5,000won, Children : 3,000won

A pine tree forest grows on the 1.2 kilometer sandy stretch of Boseong’s Yulpo beach, which is widely known for its spectacular scenery. Here you can enjoy the pine tree forests and the clean oceans.

Formerly a small fishing village, the region’s famous green tea and beautiful beaches has resulted in many tourists visiting Yulpo Beach. The area has become a family summer resort, fully equipped with accommodation and leisure facilities.