December 2011: Expo Preview

Korea Pavilion

The Korea Pavilion, an environment-friendly building, symbolizes the land and the sea co-existing in harmony. The Korea Pavilion is impressive as the elegant curves of the building form the pattern of Taegeuk, which represents the hope for concord and harmony. The Korea Pavilion will highlight the spirit of ocean exploration and seafaring capabilities of Koreans, and suggest a hopeful vision of the future.

Upon the completion of the Expo, the Korea Pavilion will be preserved permanently as a legacy that carries the message of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea while also showcasing the beauty of Korean architecture to the world.

Theme: Korea’s Spirit of Ocean Exploration and Marine Capacity


  • Sea, Life & Culture of Korea / Maritime History of Korea / Seafaring Capabilities of Korea
  • Marine traditions and technology of Korea Contributing to Mankind
  • Massive, 360-degree screen displays films that will enhance visitor experience.