December 2011: International Symposium on ‘Marine Industries and Revitalization of Regional Economy’

International Symposium on ‘Marine Industries and Revitalization of Regional Economy’


An international symposium was held on November 10 in Yeosu to discuss revitalization of the regional economy by promoting marine industries. The international symposium, held under the title of ‘Marine Industries and Revitalization of Regional Economy’, was hosted by the Organizing Committee for EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea and organized by the Korea Maritime Institute. The objectives of the symposium were as follows: to seek out strategies to raise public awareness of Yeosu Expo with only five months left before its opening, to pursue ways to develop the local communities through the Expo and to improve Korea’s standing in the international community.

During the special sessions of the International Symposium arranged was a forum for presentations and discussions on the accomplishments made in the Yeosu Project, the first international cooperation program to be carried out in the context of an international Expo to support developing countries. Furthermore, Andrew Dalgleish, Deputy Head of Mission of the British Embassy in Seoul, delivered a keynote speech titled ‘The 2012 London Olympic Games and Development of the Regional Economy,’ emphasizing the significance of a historic event such Yeosu Expo as a legacy that will make a profound impact on the local community.