There is not ‘OTL’ anymore in Yeosu

The article was created by 11th and 12th graders at High School in Yeosu with an aim to tell our dear friends at home and abroad about EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA. 

News written by the group of ‘ILOVEYEOSU’ : An Yujeong, Kim Eunjeong, Kim Jeongeun, Kim Jiwon, Park Juyeon, Jang Bokyoung, Jeong Chanhee. Guidance teacher : Park Yongseong

“There is not ‘OTL’ anymore in Yeosu”
“People in Yeosu have taken up any challenge fairly.”


Connect the alphabet ‘OTL’. Doesn’t it seem like the person lying face down with hands on the ground and crying? Diagonal line drawn in the picture, says “Don’t do that”. In short, it means ‘No more Frustration’. This is the spirit of Yeosu.

Have you ever seen the emoticon ‘OTL’? It is popular on the internet these days, and it embodies kneeling person frustrated: ‘O’ is head, ‘T’ is arms and back, and ‘L’ is legs knelt down.

But it is unfamiliar with Yeosu. People of Yeosu have shown an indomitable spirit, taking up any challenge greatly without any frustration. From now on, we introduce such character of Yeosu.

“People in Yeosu accepted a challenge against enormous adversities of nature like this.”

(Photo by Kim Jiwon)

This is the biggest scale of table-shaped dolmen in South Korea, and it is in Yeosu. It seems like a table composed of a pillar built with a longish stone and a wide and flat covered stone put on the pillar. So, it is called table-shaped dolmen.

At midnight, have you ever been in a field or among the hills where there is no one? Have you ever felt primitive times only to hear a cry of animals here and there? Unlike Animals which live a wild life just as they did like that of tens of millions of years ago, however, humans have lived creating culture. Isn’t it surprising?

In prehistoric times, human didn’t differ from any other animals. Unlike animals adapted they to nature, however, human took up a challenge against difficulties of nature. It can be checked over in the traces that human were not frustrated at all and overcame gallantly against nature. The fact that human made graves tells us that human began to see ‘beyond the visible world’.

This dolmen to show off human taking up a challenge against adversities of nature can be seen in Sansu-ri, Yulchon-myeon, Yeosu. In addition, It is the biggest dolmen in South Korea, table-shaped dolmen of all. If you see dolmens of Yeosu create culture that overcame gallantly against nature’s challenge, you will have an impression that you can look forward to Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea.

“People in Yeosu accepted a challenge against invasion of enemy like this.”

(Photo by Jeong Chanhee)

This is Geobukseon, a turtle-shaped ship which is the oldest iron armor ship in the world. Its deck was covered with iron armor and stuck into iron nail. So, it could fight against Japanese navies stronger than Korea’s even in neighboring combat. If you want to see this ship, come to Dolsan Bridge.

Every time historians think of Korea, they are surprised and wonder how Korean could be developed up to now despite a lot of invasions. In fact, our 5000 years history was endless challenges and responses through misery pillage. From now on, let me show you the symbol of challenge spirit, Geobukseon.

When Japan invaded our country in 1592, a primary factor that enabled Chosun to defeat Japan was Geobukseon, the undercover weapon of Chosun. It is the ship that is combination of Panokseon; Chosun’s original worship with turtle shaped head and tail. Japanese invaders seeing Geobukseon first were frightened at the monstrous ship. Moreover, the clouds of smoke sent up by a head of turtle ship made enemies flight.

Geobukseon was made by citizen of Yeosu, and they went on board the ship to attack enemies. So, Yeosu hold Geobukseon festival every spring. Also, Yeosu have steadily carried out various projects to restore Geobukseon since last november. Maybe you can see the ship similar to genuine one before Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. Do you flutter with a new hope?

“People in Yeosu took up a challenge against the ideology of the division of the Korea peninsula in this way.”

(Photo by Kim Jiwon)

This signboard is located across from Hanhwa Corporation. It indicates an army post where Yeosu-Suncheon historical event’s started as the 14 solidarity post. How do we heal a pain of the tragic division of the Korean peninsula?

Have you ever heard ‘Yeosu-Suncheon historical event’? This event brought about in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do by the 14 solidarity who were a national defense guard in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do. This tragic event occurred because of a conflict between leftist and rightist when we were liberated from Japan. Over 2500 people including innocent civilians died here.

(Photo by Park Juyeon)

You can catch a sight of the Yeosu-Suncheon memorial, passing through the Marae tunnel to Yeosu station. Is it smaller than you expected? But our intention to live in harmony with North and South is greater than anything else.

Korea is still a divided country and maintains a state of tension. War clouds hang over the front line. Actually, we had a gunfight recently between North and South Korea in the Yellow sea. So, some of the innocent residents were killed then. However, Yeosu wisely have solved korean problems. What If these conflict should continue between assaulter and sufferer? So, people who is called descendants of leftist’s and rightist’s together established a cenotaph which means pardon and compromise. Beyond an ideology, we brotherly embraced another. This is Yeosu’s response, confronted the challenge about ideology. What a nice it is!

“People in Yeosu have taken up a challenge against adversities of 20C industrial society in this way.”

(Photo by Park Juyeon)

It is a silo that stands for 20C industrial society. Someone wanted to remove it, because of bad scene. But we saved this as a wonderful symbol of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea.

They held a debate on a symbol of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea to make, most of opinions is to build a new symbol. However, the silo which is one of disgusting facilities in 20C industrial society was reborn into eco-friendly symbol. The silo nothing but cement store will come to a life again as a Sky Tower.

It is an appearance of Sky Tower which will be seen at the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. For the first time in the world, you can hear harp sound created by sea. Isn’t it so expected?

On one of Sky Tower pillars, it reappears past of sea as a form of storytelling and shows delight future of sea on another. Especially, we put into the sprit of Yeosu Expo by preparing for the desalination of seawater to be ready for lack of water due to environmental pollution.

Son Dongwol, a member of organizing committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea said, “There was only an indiscriminate development in the industrial era. And the silo which is only a legacy of the industrial era was reborn as a new use, Sky Tower. So, it will embody theme of the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea and go down in history of fair as best practices that are echoed in the green growth.” Sky Tower isn’t as big as Eiffel Tower which symbolizes Expo 1889 Paris France. But we want it to go to your heart as a splendid symbol which contains the mind of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea trying to live together with nature.

“We are preparing to take up new challenges in Yeosu Expo.”

(Photo by Jang Bokyoung)

This is a new port lighthouse located in the Expo site where we can see it directly. I took a picture when it was very cloudy and foggy. Is it more characterizing the meaning of lighthouse guiding the way into the darkness?

Yeosu is the harbor city. So there are lighthouses at several places. Their original function is to lighten the direction of ship in the darkness. However, Yeosu is building another one like that. Where? Exactly in the hearts of citizens of the world! That is just ‘The Yeosu Declaration’.

With this Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea as a turning point, the declaration of Yeosu will carry an appeal to participation of citizens in pursuing marine cooperation and solving our facing crisis together with the theme of ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’. ‘The Yeosu Declaration’ to make the dying ocean alive again and the coast more lively than ever before will be a new lighthouse where the Yeosu Expo will brighten the future.

This is the poster of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. You can see the poster that a boy sitting on the rock and fish robot put their fingers together, which reminds you of such a scene of the movie as the main character and E.T did.

But there is one thing needed to take up such challenges. It’s very the boy in the poster! You can see the scene where fingers of him and fish meet. This gesture not only means intimacy of them but also a little effort to make dying ocean alive.

We do know the boy who has an ability to do it. Who is he? It’s ‘us’! All the youth trying to make ‘The Living Ocean’ can be ‘us’.

(Photo by Park Yongseong)

We took the same pose on the beach as he did, because we want to be ‘ourselves’ who can make ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’. Why don’t you join ‘us’?