Busan Reveals Its Exhibition Plans for Yeosu Expo

Busan revealed its exhibition plans for Yeosu Expo. Busan was the first local government to unveil an exhibition plans among 23 local participating governments. The Organizing Committee of Yeosu Expo announced that the delegation from the city government of Busan, headed by Mayor Hur Nam-sik, visited the office of the Organization Committee on December 9 to announce the exhibition plans of the Busan Pavilion and purchase the tickets for Yeosu Expo.

Busan Reveals Its Exhibition Plans for Yeosu Expo

 The Busan Pavilion will be established with an area of 72m2 in the Local Government Pavilion. The Busan delegation said “The goal of the exhibition is to show Busan as the center of the global network where constant cultural exchanges take place, with an emphasis on Busan as the leader in marine industry and green growth.” They further expressed their resolve to make Yeosu Expo a success, saying, “We will show the visitors what our city stands for, which is a city of co-existence, co-prosperity, and sharing.”

The Busan delegation was handed over the commemorative plaques for the designated service providers for Yeosu Expo. The Organizing Committee has been giving out a designation plaque to quality service providers in lodging, restaurant and retail industry in Yeosu and other areas nearby since 2010.. 20 businesses in Busan have so far received the designation.

The delegation was accompanied by the representatives of the 6 designated service providers; Lotte Hotel Busan, Hotel Nongshim, the Westin Chosun Busan, Paradise Hotel, Hotel Paragon and Hotel Illua. The Organizing Committee designated these hospitality businesses in Busan in hopes that these hotels would provide conveniences to visitors from China or Japan, who would enjoy a broader range of accommodation selection.

Chairman Jung-taek Shin of the Busan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and President Maeng-uhn Park of the Pukyong National University purchased admission tickets for the Expo, 100 and 80 tickets respectively.

Mayor Hur Nam-sik Huh said, “We will continue to contribute to the preparation for Yeosu Expo. We see Yeosu Expo as an opportunity of amicable cooperation and mutual benefits for the local governments of the Korean South Sea Zone. We will pursue various actions such as the operation of the shuttle buses, cruise ships, or other activities in connection with the Expo.

Chairman Kang Dong-suk Kang of the Organizing Committee responded, saying, “We deeply appreciate the active participation by the one of the most famous coastal city in the East Asia.” “We expect that the participation of Busan will further encourage other local governments to participate in the Expo.”

source: eng.expo2012.kr