[Jejudo] Soesoggak in Jejudo

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Soesoggak is at the mouth of Hyodoncheon Stream, where the stream meets the ocean. As the flow of Hyodoncheon Stream reaches the mouth, a huge rock field appears and the stream continues to the end of the rock field. The rock field does not consist of basalt, the most common rock type of Jejudo, but of trachyte. On both sides of the rock cliff are thick forests. Pure water flows along the rock cliff until it reaches the mouth of the stream. There are three observation decks where you can enjoy the mysterious scenery of Soesoggak.

Visitors can experience Tewu, a traditional boat of Jejudo, at Soesoggak. Board the Tewu and take a trip around the rock field sharing a laugh or two with the humorous captain of the boat. You can explore every corner of Soesoggak on board. A round trip takes about 40-50 minutes. You can sit at the end of the boat and dip your feet in the water. The slow-moving boat is very relaxing for the body and the mind. As you sail, you will see rocks of various shapes, such as an owl, a tiger, and a kissing couple, as well as the spring water flowing out of the rocks. Because of the tide, water in the Soesoggak fills and drains every six hours.

– User’s Guide –

  • Address: Jejudo Seogwipo-si Namwon-eup Harye-ri 123
  • Telephone: 064-760-4625
  • Opening hours: 00:00 – 00:00
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Parking fee: Free
  • Photogenic spots: Soesoggak Observatory, Soesoggak Bridge

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Tewu (the traditional boat of Jeju) and glass-bottom kayak


Area where rock field meets Hyodoncheon Stream


Tourists listening to the xaptain of the Tewu (the traditional boat of Jeju)


Tiger rock around Soesoggak


Landscape of Soesoggak


Travelers boarding Tewu (the traditional boat of Jeju)

source: eng.expo2012.kr