Nature-Friendly Houses in the World: Green houses in Switzerland, England and USA

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Hello. This is Suny. Today is the second instance to introduce nature-friendly buildings in the world. The Eco Sky House in Japan and Passive House in Germany were examples of environment-friendly buildings. Now, I am going to introduce other famous green houses in the world.

Vertisholds in Switzerland

The vertisholds in Switzerland is the first certified single house of ‘minergy house’ in Lucerne – Canton, Switzerland. ‘Minergy’ refers to minimum and energy and represents a building of low energy consumption and nature-friendly house certification in Switzerland. Its goal is to use 10% of the energy that a normal house consumes. It has been designed by the architect, Norber Aregger and was built in 2003. It has been designed so that is able to use sun rays and daylight, and is located on a slope facing in the direction of southwest.

To prevent it from overheating in summer, it applies an awning system which is controlled by solar sensors and the green house system in the roof by using rain is applied as an element of ecological architecture.

Integer House in England

Integer, which is a compound of intelligent and green, is a building which is innovative in 3 categories: design and construction technology, environmental technology and artificial intelligence. It applies plane and mass design which is able to absorb sufficient sunlight using slope location and has built to use less than 50% of the energy and 30% of the water that a normal house consumes using the traditional materials of wood, glass and sloped roof innovation.


ZEH (Zero Energy House) is a research house with a purpose of reducing the cost of energy consumption to zero, like the Eco House in Japan. Also, it is a building in which the architect who designed the house actually lives.

It uses energy saving technologies such as a heat pump that is connected to the building with high efficiency glass and ground heat pump, solar generating system (PV system), and Structural Insulated Panel (SIP). The PV system which is used in ZEH has been designed so that it is connected to a power transmission line to sell the excess power to the normal power supplying company.

Have you seen the nature-friendly buildings in the world well? You can experience all the nature-friendly systems which have been introduced above in Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. Earth pleasing Nature-friendly Expo; it is the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. I look forward to your interest for this event.

source: Living Culture Institute