Daily Archive: December 26, 2011

Nature-Friendly Houses in the World: Green houses in Switzerland, England and USA

Hello. This is Suny. Today is the second instance to introduce nature-friendly buildings in the world. The Eco Sky House in Japan and Passive House in Germany were examples of environment-friendly buildings. Now,… Continue reading

[Culture] Make Pleasant Memories of Jjimjilbangs, Korean Style Health Spars

The article was created by 11th and 12th graders at High School in Yeosu with an aim to tell our dear friends at home and abroad about EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA.  News written by… Continue reading

International Organizations Pavilion

Many ocean- and environment-related international organizations participate in the pavilion. The exhibitions display the various activities of global organizations for ocean conservation and sustainability, suggesting directions for future efforts. This exhibition space is… Continue reading

[Jejudo] Soesoggak in Jejudo

Soesoggak is at the mouth of Hyodoncheon Stream, where the stream meets the ocean. As the flow of Hyodoncheon Stream reaches the mouth, a huge rock field appears and the stream continues to… Continue reading