International Pavilion

International Pavilion

Covering the largest area on the site, the International Pavilion is comprised of exhibitions by countries in Individual national pavilions and in Joint national pavilions.

The five ocean clusters symbolizing harmony, coexistence and prosperity feature exhibitions in a column-less exhibition area.

International Pavilion

Individual National Pavilion 

Each participating country is informed of the characteristics of its pavilion space well ahead of time to ensure exhibitions complement the space and truly highlight the uniqueness of the country

A Major Pavilion along with the Theme Pavilion, Sub-theme Pavilions, and Korea Pavilion

Interior of the International Pavilion 01

Interior of the International Pavilion 02

Joint National Pavilions

The participating countries plan their exhibitions together in Joint national pavilions and ensure their own special features are well presented.
They are designed to have 135 modules for 50 nations in groups of 10 per Joint national pavilion.

Facility Size

  • Site area: 50,390 ㎡
  • Total floor area: 71,700 ㎡ (57,500 ㎡ in Individual national pavilion, 14,200㎡ in Joint national pavilions, with a capacity of 23,900 people) The observatory deck installed in the International Pavilion offers visitors a beautiful view of the surroundings. The five ocean clusters are located in three separate areas on the Expo site.

Bird’s-eye View

Bird's-eye View