Daily Archive: December 23, 2011

Five-star Hotels along the Southern Coast, Joint Efforts for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

Hello this is Yeony. Many visitors, not only from Korea but also from abroad, are expected to gather in Yeosu for the Expo. The five-star hotels near Yeosu have united their efforts for… Continue reading

1900 Korean Pavilion in Paris Expo disclised

By Kwon Mee-yoo How foreigners thought of the first Korean pavilion in world expo in 1900 was revealed by the 2012 Yeosu Expo Committee. The Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea said… Continue reading

International Pavilion

Covering the largest area on the site, the International Pavilion is comprised of exhibitions by countries in Individual national pavilions and in Joint national pavilions. The five ocean clusters symbolizing harmony, coexistence and… Continue reading