[Jejudo] Bijarim Nutmeg Forest

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“Bijanamu (nutmeg tree)” was named after its branch shape, which is similar to the Chinese character, “非” (pronounced “bi” in Korean). There are 2,800 nutmeg trees aged from 500-800 years old in Bijarim. The nutmeg forest covers an area of 450,000 ㎡. In addition to its huge size, the forest itself is a very rare one not easily found elsewhere in the world. The forest was designated as Korea’s Natural Monument No. 374.

A nutmeg tree that is more than 800 years old

There is a 1.2 km-long trail in Bijarim where you can enjoy walking around the forest. As you pass the ticket office, you will find a huge stone sign saying “Bijarim” with “Darangshwioreum” in the background. The entrance to the walking trail is located at the end of the access road.

The path is covered with small pyroclastic material called “song-i,” which is good for facilitating human metabolism and preventing sick house syndrome. This refreshing walk through the forest on a path covered with healthy stones makes Bijarim a forest of healing.

Beautiful walking trail in the forest

On the walking trail, you will come across “yeollimok.” When the branches of two neighboring trees connect and the trees unite into one tree, the tree is called “yeollimok” – the tree of love. It symbolizes how a couple becomes one as well as everlasting love. Many hikers make wishes of love in front of the tree. Near the nutmeg tree of love, there is the oldest nutmeg tree in Korea, which is over 800 years old. It stands at the halfway point of the trail.

User’s Guide

  • Address: Jejudo Gujwa-eup Pyeongdae-ri 3164-1
  • Telephone: 064-783-3857
  • Opening hours: 09:00 – 18:00
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Parking fee: Free
  • Guided tour: Guides are available from February to December from 10:00 to 18:00 (17:00 in winter). Please visit the small building at the entrance of the parking lot for more information.
  • Photogenic spots: New Millennium nutmeg tree; stone fence at the end of the forest walking trail

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Stone fence around exit of Bijarim Nutmeg Forest


800 year old New Millennium nutmeg tree


Daransuioreum as seen from the stone sign of Bijarim Nutmeg Forest

source: eng.expo2012.kr