[Jejudo] Yongnunioreum Parasitic Volcano

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Oreum are parasitic volcanoes scattered around Jejudo. Only hills made of pyroclastic material with craters are called “Oreum.” There are 368 Oreum remaining in Jejudo. “Oreum” means “small hill” in Jejudo dialect.

Beautiful sky and Yongnunioreum

Yongnunioreum is easy to climb and offers beautiful views along the hiking trail. The name “Yongnunioreum” originates from the shape of the hill: it looks like a dragon reclining on the ground. There are two ways to access Yongnunioreum. One is located between Jongdal Intersection and Sonjabong Three-Way Intersection, and the other is on Local Road 1136. The first access gate between Jongdal Intersection and Sonjabong Three-Way Intersection has a parking lot. The trail located next to Sonjabong Peak along the ridge is an ideal place to feel the refreshing winds of Jejudo. The slope of the trail is moderate enough to climb – it takes only 10 minutes to reach the top. From Yongnuniorum, you can see Darangshwioreum, the biggest Oreum, Udo Island, and Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak.

A traveler on the hiking trail of Yongnunioreum

Yongnunioreum has three peaks connected by ridges. The ever-changing scenery along the ridge of Yongnunioreum is truly beautiful. It is fun to travel to each of the Oreum spots around Jejudo, checking them off on your map as you go. One hour is enough to hike Yongnunioreum.

User’s Guide

  • Address: Jeju Jeju-si Gujwa-eup Jongdal-ri San 28
  • Telephone: 064-740-6000
  • Opening hours: 00:00 – 00:00
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Parking fee: No information
  • Photogenic spots: Top of Yongnunioreum; Oreum as seen from the ridge of Yongnunioreum

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A hiker climbing up Yongnunioreum


A traveler walking along the ridge of Yongnunioreum


Hikers descending Yongnunioreum


Smooth ridge of Yongnunioreum

source: eng.expo2012.kr