Seopjikoji in Jejudo

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Seopjikoji have one the best sceneries in Jejudo. The cape jutting out into the sea looks like a small dragon with a long neck. “Seopjikoji” is a Jejudo dialect word meaning “a narrow cape.” On the way to Seopjikoji, you’ll enjoy the view of Sinyang Seopjikoji Beach on your right and Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak on the left. You’re encouraged to stop your car for a while and enjoy a walk along the beach before you go to Seopjikoji.

A beautiful path toward a lighthouse in Seopjikoji

 Seopjikoji offers pastoral scenery where the blue ocean, black cliffs and green pasture meet. As you walk along the fenced trail, to your right your will see the lovely ocean and striking cliffs, and to your left a wide green pasture with horses. Another attraction is the All-in House, a set for a popular TV show. The original house used as the set was destroyed by Typhoon Maemi in 2003. The house was rebuilt. You need to buy a ticket to enter the house. As you pass All-in House, you will find Hyeopjayeondae. “Yeondae” are beacon mounds where people lit signal fires in the past.

 All-in House

On the reddish cliff stands a white lighthouse. You can climb up the lighthouse to see the gorgeous view. Visitors used to enjoy the impressive view of Seongsan Ilchulbong from Seopjikoji, Unfortunately, a large-scale condominium complex now blocks some of the view. Below the cliff, a stone pillar stands on reddish black bedrock. Legend has it that a son of the Dragon King of the Sea grieving the loss of his love turned into the rock.

User’s Guide

  • Address: Jejudo Seogwipo-si Seongsan-eup Goseong-ri 1
  • Telephone: 064-760-4251
  • Opening hours: 07:00 – 20:00
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Parking fee: 1000won
  • Photogenic spots: Seongsanilchulbong as seen from Seopjikoji Beach; Seopjikoji Lighthouse; All-in House; ocean surrounding the lighthouse